We have been clients of Paul for a number of years now and are more than satisfied with the service he and Margaret continue to provide.
From our very first meeting, Paul quickly and enthusiastically took the time and made the effort to get to know us, understand our lifestyle, what we wanted to achieve in retirement and more importantly what risk profile we would be comfortable with – armed with this knowledge, Paul provided a detailed financial plan that would and has maximised the return on our financial investments.
Our financial plan is regularly reviewed with Paul and without exception, every suggestion he has made has proved to be financially beneficial.
A Financial Advisor that is trustworthy is a significant part of any advisor/client relationship and with Paul this is something we value highly.
Effective communication also plays a big part in any relationship and Paul keeps us well updated and versed with all issues that could affect our investment outcomes.
Paul’s professionalism, knowledge and service enable us to confidently enjoy a financially stress free retirement lifestyle.